Vizion. Your Repair


When your vehicle is being repaired by a Vizion repairer, you will have access to your own dedicated hub.

The hub is our way of ensuring the customer is kept up to date throughout the repair journey, with 'jargon-free' explanations of the current repair status. Also, dependent on the particular part of the journey, there may be additional options that you can choose regarding your repair. Your expected completion date is also visible, so you can organise time for delivery or collection.

From time to time, our repairers may offer additional options or services to enhance your repair and send photos to show the progression. Don't worry, we will email you of any options or charges.

Once complete the hub will prepare your lifetime guarantee and offer the option to rate the service via a very simple star based feedback form.

Have a repair with Vizion?

To access your hub, you would have received unique details via email or SMS to access your own branded hub link, if you have not yet received your login information let us know either by contacting us on 01482 428200 or using our contact form.

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