Vizion has become the biggest and best award winning repair management solution in the UK.

Vizion manages and repairs all makes and types of vehicles with a strong network of the UK's finest repairers, utilising bespoke digital systems that support and guide the customer along the entire claims journey. Reducing time and effort by utilising digital automation; from the initiation of the claim, validation, deployment, progression, handling, feedback and beyond.

Our suite of easy to use, easy to integrate digital platforms, are providing end to end connectivity for all parties, providing 24/7 brand immersive solutions. We have designed embracing technologies to exceed these new requirements, enhancing customer satisfaction and connecting all parties, to deliver an exceptional and safe experience.

Vizion Network is recognised as a pioneer in the delivery of repair and IT solutions. Leveraging our size and vast expertise in both repair and digital development, we unleash the power of innovation.

Our focus has always been to create enjoyable, intuitive, engaging and remarkable experience for people — that's what sets us apart from everyone else.

Vizion understands the importance of providing reassurance to all customers that their vehicle repair is undertaken by a suitably accredited repairer as well as having the ability to direct vehicles into brand specific repairers, with highly trained technicians and craftsmen, specifically trained by the manufacturer to repair today's highly complex vehicles.


Our approvals


Our members have approvals from all major manufacturers and insurance companies and work with British Standards to ensure your vehicle is repaired to the quality you expect.

Our Repairers

Simply Better

We believe the future will favour a well-connected network of strong independent repairers. They know what they are doing – we let them do what they do best. An ethos that binds the network together.

Digital Solutions

The Customer Journey

Vizion's in-depth and far-reaching expertise brings assurance to vehicle repairs and digital booking and progression for 1000's of customers every day.

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