VVR have a great future-ready supply chain that balances the evolving expectations of clients and their customers, built by utilising stock holding from leading OEM and dealer sources.

VVR solutions provide direct access to a supply network network of 1500 approved dealers across 25 manufacturers throughout UK & Ireland, with enhanced terms and stock supported by the manufacturer.

Leveraging Vizion's extensive expertise in supply chain, operations, and fulfillment, and our leading next generation development and technical capabilities, we negotiate terms, locate vehicles and work directly with finance companies delivering financial and time savings for our clients.

VVR's process will quickly and efficiently deliver significant reduction in engineering and claims handler OPEX costs.

As consumer attention shifts rapidly toward services and fulfillment, customers expect to be provided with a more holistic service around the vehicle choice and availability. Our supply chain plays a crucial role in delivering these value-driven customer experiences. It is the link between vehicle chosen and a delivery experience that can delight or disappoint.



An average of one car being written off every 90 seconds in the UK, that's 1 in 83 people each year will have to deal with a total loss claim.

It has been reported that up to 50% of clients look to switch Insurer after a total loss claim. This is mainly due to a poor customer experience.

A recent study of 1,212 car buyers found that the average motorist takes a month to find a suitable new vehicle following a write-off.

Many customers face dealing with negative equity issues due to vehicles being written off early within a finance agreement.

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