Everything you need to manage payments.

Shorten the time to close an invoice and accelerate payment cycles, using next generation technologies, connected process and validation.

Linked dynamically and providing high degrees of automation, Lenz provides Vizion clients and repairers with a low to no-touch, highly transparent and super-efficient method to request, make and control payments.

The system has been designed after lengthy consultations with bodyshops; built with the user in mind and using the same technology as our in-house systems, it is a revolution for repair invoicing across the network. It allows live visibility of claim details from multiple work providers such as excess values and VAT status, it also accommodates a wide range of invoicing scenarios that can be submitted automatically with the ability to manage user access for one or multiple sites and thus expediting the final step in the repair process.

Built to redefine invoicing and payment services

With direct links to our claims system, there is minimal data entry required on each invoice with auto-populated fields, and an ability to compare to many key details for invoicing, live with our records prior to submission. Adopting a simple step-by-step approach and requiring only a copy of a collection note for submission, the burden of requesting payment for a job well done has become a thing of the past.

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