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Most repairers understand that they need to decarbonise and move towards becoming a more sustainable business. But many still don't know how much they need to do, by when, or how. What are the right technologies to invest in? What needs to be done now.

Climate change is among the greatest challenges of our time. But despite progress in a transition towards a carbon-neutral industry, action is still needed.

As the largest repair network in Europe, Vizion plays a key role in contributing to a greener, sustainable future and as such, channels innovation and ideas to green solutions and initiatives. We are aware that customers' activities and decisions may have an impact on carbon emissions. We also know that the transition for repairers to embrace carbon-neutral will lead to changes in behaviour.

For that reason, we are actively integrating new innovations and opportunities into our services and repairer activity, with special focus on developing opportunities for our network to become not just carbon-neutral, but actively involved in sustainability within our industry.

Whilst the immediate benefit is obvious, as an offset, repairers will also reduce energy costs, better parts procurement which has huge marketing benefits with customers and work providers.

Ultimately, change begins with you, but decarbonisation is not a one-size-fits-all. For some, the ideal way would be to start the 4 stage process to carbon-neutrality, or if this has been achieved, look at reducing energy and associated costs. Undertaking the training to increase the amount of parts repaired can play a huge part of your journey and improve cash flow by reducing parts spend.

As decarbonisation becomes the new normal and is expected by customers, insurers and work providers, sustainability turns into an investment. So it's about more than just cost; in the long run, the support from Vizion will help towards security of parts supply, affordable repairs and a sustainable future for our network. It future-proofs your business.

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Save on energy costs.

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Become Carbon Neutral

Reduce costs, attract more business and help the environment.

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Training Opportunities

Efficient repair methods and identify opportunities to 'repair over replace'

Green Earth on Cortex

If you're a Vizion Repairer, you will have free access to Cortex Repairer portal and tools.

Visit the dedicated Green Earth area for more details on how Vizion and partners can support your path to carbon neutrality, and the initiatives Vizion are running to customers and how you can become involved. In addition to this, you can interact with the customer, review the Vizion Standard, training and much, much more.

Every repairer has access, however, you may need to reset your password or reactivate your account, simply use the prompts on the sign-in page to reactivate your account.

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