Our collaboration with ECA Business Energy to assist our network in moving forward on a bigger scale with carbon management, providing expert third party auditing to ensure delivery and independent validation.

During this work, we have quantified our impact to the environment and how we can calculate our carbon impact per repair. We will constantly look to reduce the number and improve the mechanism of measure as we progress. Our network continues to work towards PAS2060, the accepted standard for carbon management, and this has been integrated into our standards going forward. We continue to work with projects such as: trees for life and woodland trust and other verified programs, remaining in line with the standards required by PAS2060.

ECA Business Energy brings substantial experience, being formed in 1986 they have a team of 35 energy and carbon experts assisting the Vizion network and team.

Their clients are from a diverse background, operating in all sectors with well-known names such as Ikea, William Hill, British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research, Lloyds Pharmacy and Manchester City who have been clients for many years.

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Advice & Support

The ECA Business Energy team is here to offer advice and support for your business during these difficult times due to the inflation of energy prices.

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ESOS Qualification

Our qualified lead assessors are on hand to ensure you are compliant and help you identify long term energy, cost and carbon savings.

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Reduce your energy bills

Your bodyshop will save money with flexible purchasing from ECA Business Energy, compared to fixed contract agreements.

The 4-step process for achieving PAS2060

Vizion and ECA will proactively support you every step of the way

1. Assessment

The first stage of the process is to produce your carbon footprint.

2. Reduction

To achieve the PAS 2060 year-on-year, the subject of the PAS must achieve an emission's reduction.

3. Offset

To become carbon-neutral in accordance with PAS2060, the carbon footprint must be offset annually.

4. Validate

Finally, ECA produce your Qualifying Explanatory Statement (QES).

If you're a Vizion repairer, use your Cortex pass to find out more about PAS2060 and other repairer incentives or get in touch

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