Your business deserves a total energy strategy that helps you to buy better, use less energy and become more environmentally sustainable.

We deliver impartial advice and full-market access to reduce your energy bills, achieve legislative compliance, reduce energy consumption and manage your businesses carbon footprint.

Why we're different

Throughout our 35 years ECA have always had a common sense, fair approach to pricing for our clients and we offer a range of options that are all agreed in advance with the customer and all have supporting documentation.

Our approach is to ensure you are charged in a manner that works best for your business: we have a variety of charging mechanisms to suit your needs.

All of our services are priced on a per meter basis not on a volume basis, taking into account the service levels required.

We feel this approach is fair, transparent and offers excellent value to our clients.

How we do it

Our initial appraisal helps us build a picture of your current energy consumption and costs.

We'll work with you to create an energy plan based on fiscal, environmental, and operational strategies, to save you money, reduce your energy consumption and manage your businesses carbon footprint.

We provide impartial advice and access to the full energy market. Making sure you're getting the best deals for your unique business circumstances.

ECA are proud to be working with Vizion and the Green Earth Initiative

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