Vizion connected data platforms provide an intelligent way to manage repairs, repairers and all data management requirements.

A truly scalable solution, with each platform working singularly or as a connected solution, embracing the connectivity and possibilities of the Nucleus Management System, connecting all systems and providing a trusted data backbone, allowing people and teams to collaborate effortlessly,

By utilising our own team of digital developers, with extensive knowledge of other automotive sectors, web technologies, and a wide view of the marketplace, we fully understand the processes involved to make the best use of digital strategies within the repair journey and the requirements of our clients.

Our solutions constantly evolve to meet the changing consumer preferences and business needs. Our systems accommodate most system integrations and have the expertise and security to achieve various levels of connectivity.

In fact, we currently manage over 7000 connections via our rule-based access system, from individual repairers, to manufacturers and large insurers, with a varying degree of requirements.

ON BRAND omni channel solutions

Comprehensive, cohesive, omni channel technology solutions deliver the reality of seamless experiences for the customer and the repairer. A fully immersive brand aligned experience instils confidence and familiarisation and therefore promotes engagement in the repair process. All our solutions can be fully branded using related domain names.

Established in its performance, Vizion's suite of platforms continues to be at the forefront of the industry's digital evolution.

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