Vizion Shine Awards is a way of recognising employees and members who demonstrate a commitment to providing excellence in what they do.

It is important that we acknowledge achievements with the entire Vizion family so we can continue to improve and provide service excellence in every area of our business. VIzion Shine Celebrates the best of both individual and business commitment innovation, leadership, passion and customer responsibility .

Vizion is also proud to partner with our clients and partners which recognises the repairers leading the way in business excellence within there brand and customer journey

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Rewarding and being proud of excellence is an important part of our shared values and it takes place every day.

Employee Recognition

Employees were invited to nominate someone who has consistently made an outstanding contribution to there role and team and represents a 'model of excellence' across their role.

Member Recognition

Quality of service will always be, at the forefront of Vizions . It is essential, now more than ever that our members excel at customer service .

Vizion monitor the performance of our members and feedback from customers standing and use this to recognise repairers who achieve performance goals and utilise the tools available to ensure a optimum customer journey