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Vizion Network Ltd provides vehicle accident repair network management for vehicle manufacturers, motor insurers, fleets and brokers.

Our aim is to continually improve the business and service outcomes of our clients, customers and suppliers, and we provide strong influence in the industry, acting as a catalyst for change for those who wish to achieve better results.

Vizion is a growing company, currently handling in excess of 4000 new repair instructions per week. Development of repairers, suppliers, staff and systems depends on our understanding and awareness of the interdependent factors and issues essential to the future success of Vizion and its clients


This is an home based role, which will involve acting as an expert focal point on vehicle construction and repair.

The main objective of the role is to carry out inspection and provide authority of image based repair assessments on Audatex. There will be an element of training to develop the skills and knowledge of the office staff. Complaint escalation handling of cases of a technical repair nature, providing advice, recommendation and to personally close, as well as auditing the repair network to Vizion's tolerances are also activities within the scope of this role.

In addition, there will be specific projects from time to time to stretch and make best use of your experience.

Competencies expected of role

Accuracy, a way to produce accurate work, without errors

  • Makes minimal errors: has reliable instinct for where to check
  • Exceeds required work speed and volume targets while maintaining minimal error rate
  • Shuts out distractions: sets model to others for concentration
  • Shows others the importance of presenting accurate work

Customer Focus, wanting and acting to meet the needs of internal and external customers

  • Systematically monitors customer satisfaction
  • Consistently exceeds customer expectations
  • Anticipates important customer needs and helps customer define them
  • Gives customers information relevant to their needs
  • Takes personal responsibility for resolving customer service problems

Efficiency and Effectiveness, wanting and acting to do things in ways, which will avoid waste and maximise the value to the company

  • Plans and implements work flows in ways which make the best use of resources
  • Expects staff to work effectively, without waste
  • Recognises staff who work efficiently: does not accept inefficiency
  • Invests personal time and energy in helping staff become more efficient and accept more focused and effective ways of working
  • Consistently looks to improve revenue or reduce costs in own area

Team Working, working co-operatively as part of a team

  • Visible and approachable to all
  • Acknowledged as first port of call for ideas and help
  • Gives and accepts feedback
  • Is generous with praise
  • Challenges constructively and is prepared to be challenged
  • Actively builds working relationships based on respect and trust
  • Acts with integrity; words and actions match; keeps promises

Information Security,the protection of our customer's personal and sensitive personal data

  • Works with others to achieve the best possible understanding of information security
  • Has a full and detailed understanding of the Data Protection Act and is able to coach others
  • Addresses any negative impact of data leakage with business partners, customers and society
  • Actively seeks gaps in processes susceptible to data leakage and applies risk assessment and control techniques
  • Understands need for industry awareness and helps to promote
  • Provides accurate guidance for business partners

Flexibility, wanting and acting to try new and different approaches and ways of doing things

  • Experiments, without compromising quality, with new ways of working and learning
  • Takes a positive view of change and responds with ideas for improvement
  • Encourages all staff to work flexibly and sets an example of flexible attitudes
  • Finds ways round sticky problems which appear insoluble
  • Adapts easily and rapidly to changes in market needs and business planning priorities
  • Copes with situations where not everything can be clear cut

Communication, the ability to speak and write in ways, which clearly state the message, and to listen carefully and understand correctly what people mean

  • Listens, understands and responds constructively to what people say
  • Speaks clearly in groups and one-to-one
  • Uses appropriate language, grammar and constructions
  • Expresses self clearly on paper, using words fluently and accurately

Self Development, continuously seeking information to fill any gaps in one's knowledge

  • Digs under the surface of what is really going on, to find out underlying facts
  • Pulls together information from a number of different sources to understand better a situation and it's context
  • Welcomes opportunities to continue to learn and develop; helps others to learn and shares expertise
  • Takes opportunities, whenever they arise, to increase levels of knowledge and skill
  • Aware of own strengths, weaknesses and motivations
  • Uses feedback received to prompt improvements

Achievement Drive, wanting to find a better way of doing things; a concern for working well and setting the quality of one's own work against a standard of excellence. It is having the ability to think ahead, spot problems or opportunities before they arise, and do something about them

  • Constantly seeks opportunities to do things better, faster, or at lower cost
  • Sets targets for self and others, which are demanding or achievable
  • Does everything possible to make meaningful performance data available
  • Devotes significant time to helping others to improve their performance
  • Aware of the bigger picture and takes into account the implications of this for own work
  • Acts resourcefully and decisively to find the best possible solution when things go wrong
  • Anticipates problems and obstacles and takes independent action to get around them
  • Makes significant decisions or takes actions in absence of manager

Planning and Organising, planning and organising time and resources so that work is completed effectively

  • Resolves conflicting priorities so as to give attention to the most important
  • Keeps many different activities on the go simultaneously
  • Copes with short term requests and interruptions and still keeps the continuing work going
  • Anticipates difficult/busy periods and plans ahead to cope
  • Plans ahead to deal with anticipated problems, or makes contingency plans
  • Manages crises and changes of priority so that disruption is minimised

Developing Others, improving the skills and capabilities of other people

  • Discusses development needs with individual staff, covering on-the-job training as well as formal courses
  • Works to develop staff's broad capability, beyond building technical excellence
  • Delegates effectively, giving subordinates enough 'space' but maintaining a supportive interest
  • Ensures that subordinates broaden their experience, even if they are initially reluctant to do so
  • Voluntarily shares broad range of own knowledge and expertise
  • Actively helps colleagues to learn

Results Orientation, a focus on the required end result and a determination to achieve that result

  • Constantly exceeds output requirements
  • Never gives up until priority work is finished to standards
  • Wants to exceed standards and delight people with output

Team Management, delivering consistent quality through planning and organising work and ensuring that the team is motivated, developed and working productively

  • Leads by example and encourages team to welcome change and see it as a positive force
  • Plans, controls and organises team and own workload with due regard for priorities
  • Ensures team is clear on task and deadlines
  • Allocates work fairly
  • Ensures the team know what to do if things change or go wrong
  • Analyses failures in an attempt to prevent recurrence
  • Recognises achievement and makes opportunities for team and individuals to acknowledge their successes
  • Uses most appropriate method to communicate; communicates progress against plans
  • Demonstrates clear concern for quality and standards
  • Holds regular one-to-one and team meetings
  • Encourages people to speak freely and respects confidences
  • Uses feedback as a basis for developing action plans with individuals
  • Monitors delegated work, checking how the work is being done as well as focusing on outcome

Technical Expertise, having a high level of skill and knowledge in own subject area and applying it to new situations. It is about understanding the technical aspects of related areas and developing both breadth and depth of technical knowledge

  • Demonstrates authoritative sources of specific know how in own area
  • Provides strategic direction in own area of expertise; looks for new information on best practice and possible developments in own field of expertise
  • Shows broad understanding of own area of expertise, acting as a key source of expertise in this field
  • Has depth and breadth of understanding in more than one specialty area
  • Develops new skills and new functions/areas

Influence and Impact, the ability to speak up, to persuade or influence others, without being intimidated. It is not just about "getting round" people by being pleasant: it is about being firm and standing up to them if necessary

  • Uses logical arguments and facts to persuade people
  • Works out how what he/she says will impact audience
  • Thinks up simple strategies for influencing others
  • Asserts position clearly to negotiate a desired result

Relationship Building, working to build or maintain constructive and positive relationships or networks of contracts with people who are useful in achieving work related goals

  • Involves key people in dialogue
  • Takes initiative in building relationships; makes invitation
  • Uses opportunities for formal contacts to build relationships
  • Contacts people to stay in touch
  • Builds relationships over time with people in client organisation
  • Recognises how contacts can help
  • Helps clients to resolve difficulties to mutual advantage

Thinking and Judgement, the ability to think logically and clearly, in an ordered sequence, and to weigh up facts to reach sensible conclusions

  • Thinks through how to make technical concepts and language comprehensible to non-experts
  • Handles large quantities of complex technical information without getting confused or bogged down

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Vizion has been recognised as one of 1000 companies to inspire Britain in 2018 by the London Stock Exchange group, an annual celebration of some of the fastest-growing and most dynamic small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK.

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Vizion continue to be awarded as an industry leader and innovator by both bodyshop magazine and ABP, 2 of the industries media giants and voted by repairers and industry gurus. We strive to maintain this achievement through employee engagement and collaboration.

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