The Vizion Standard is part of our commitment to the customer. Assurance that we, our clients and our repairer partners, consider their privacy and data protection as a critical part of the customer experience.

The protection of customer data is an essential and important part of the Vizion strategic move to prioritise insurer and customer concerns. The Vizion standard was created, changing the way data is used, and aligning data privacy with GDPR and cyber essentials compliance. As data protection regulations will continue to evolve, the Vizion Standard adapts and integrates into the accreditation.

Our original assessment started in 2018 and was developed with our Client Advisory Group with focus on data protection, information security, governance, and now climate change.

Area's covered by the Vizion Standard

Registration with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO)

The Government endorsed Cyber Essentials Certification

Insurer backed GDPR Certification

PAS 2060, the specification for the demonstration of carbon neutrality,

Vizion Green Earth Initiative

Setting the standard in GDPR, digital, and now environmental compliance. Systems and processes constantly re-imagined, to deliver applicable benefits, wider than Vizion, for a better industry and a better planet.

There is no doubt that the motor vehicle sector has an important role to play in helping the world adapt to a more environmentally sustainable long-term future.

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