Delegate Feedback

2 days of key speakers and thought provoking content to engage, motivate and inform.

Informative conference. Both exhibitors and "Tech Talks" was great. All talks were relevant to our body shops, I felt that I had more value added for our business. Great variety of exhibitions, met up with old contacts and started new business relationships too. Constructive criticism for the event, is I needed more time with exhibitors and felt rushed speaking with them.

Overall Great event, can't wait until the next one.

Brilliant event! Exceptionally well organised and attended.

We had withdrawn from attending any industry events as we felt there was no return for our time out of the business. Kinetic however was VERY different!

Professionally put together, great trade stands, and fantastic speakers which brought knowledge and balance as to what the future holds. The real test was that the audience remained quiet and paid attention, which doesn't often happen at other events we have attended in the past.

Thank you for putting it on, and we would certainly attend future events.

What an excellent event, well done to Chris and the team.

Very well organised and informative event.

The exhibition was one of the best I have been to, coupled with the opportunity to network with a different audience.

A spectacular event, great presentations, stands and the evening provided a superb networking opportunity... Thank you.

Best industry event by far! Align with ABP for planning and make it annual.

A great event, very good information, great people brought in, discussing the challenges we all have on the stage, great lighting and seating, had a great catch up with old friends we have also met new contacts, the food was also very nice.

F A B U L O U S .....well done on a brilliant, professional forward thinking event with excellent content and trade stands. Even the food was fab and parking excellent with plenty of local hotels - couldn't fault anything.

Seriously well done everyone.

All of the delegates that I have had contact with post event, have all been so extremely positive about it all. Deserved accolade and recognition for you all.

Very well organised, informative. All round the best event for a long time.

Well done and thank you Vizion.

A BIG THANK YOU ! As an independent repairer who has been in business for 12 years, Vizion was our 1st signed contact in 2012 and they have stood by us side by side and supported us throughout and if it wasn't for the Vizion team we wouldn't of achieved what we have achieved in the industry which we love SO THANK YOU :-)
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