Vizion Standard

The Vizion Standard

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a revolutionary change in Data Protection and will, in all likelihood, become the standard for Data Protection regulation globally.

One of the biggest challenges for repairers is transforming the legal requirements of GDPR into compliant and sustainable operational behaviours. Whilst there will be many established businesses who are used to dealing with regulatory requirements, there are many others who will be experiencing the challenge of implementing strict regulatory requirements for the first time. Experienced or not this can be a challenge, and from the largest to the smallest business there are changes and improvements required for all.

The Vizion standard was conceived in 2016 to ensure Vizion repairers regardless of size or association are not only compliant with GDPR, but are ICO registered and actively involved with Cyber Essentials.

Three areas covered by the Vizion Standard

The Government endorsed Cyber Essentials Certification

Registration with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO)

Insurer backed GDPR Certification

We continue to work with our insurer and specialist partners and the wider industry for the common good, in the ongoing development of the program. We have created bespoke systems to support you whilst modifying existing systems to make compliance easier. There is a dedicated help desk and a team of real people to help and advise you.

As an ongoing commitment to our repairers there are regular web clinics with experts providing advice and Vizion are finalising training courses at our new training facility in Wellingborough NN8 1LD.

Our intention is to apply an insurer supported GDPR audited standard. This will mean fewer multiple requests from insurers in varying formats asking similar questions, diluting the standard's effectiveness, adding cost and draining time and resources from all parties.

Chris McKie

Managing Director, Vizion Network

4 steps to compliance

Each repairer goes through 4 stages to ensure GDPR readiness, engaging with the Vizion Standard team

From identifying and assessing the relevant Personal Data Processing activities, creating remediation actions and document sets to gain both GDPR and Cyber essential approvals, our team help every repairer to achieve and maintain compliance

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