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Vizion, setting the standard in GDPR and digital compliance in the automotive industry

At a time when data, digital communications, and information systems underpin our everyday lives, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) makes a real difference to the way you can collect, store and share customer data.

With increased responsibility placed on all businesses to manage data appropriately, there is a very real risk of legal action being taken on those businesses who fail to take appropriate steps. However, it's not always easy to understand exactly what repairers should be doing to achieve compliance and ensure that it is maintained.

With this in mind Vizion have created the Vizion Standard, to formalise the key changes brought about by GDPR for businesses who use data for customer interaction and marketing purposes. To develop not only an audit standard but business improvements to ensure the standard becomes part of our day to day activities.

All Vizion repairer partners are working towards the Platinum Standard

With requirements increasing, the need for repairers to be GDPR compliant and more is an absolute. The risks of failing to meet these demands from a legal and business perspective is something that cannot be ignored. The legal requirement of the regulator is equally matched by customers and clients who view a vague approach or non-compliance as a red flag for committing partnerships.

Vizion, Autoflow and WRC are working with 3GRC to provide a solid platform of support, compliance and accreditation to all our members and transparency to our customers to achieve what we call 'The Vizion Standard'.

The Vizion Standard is part of our commitment to the customer. Assurance that we, our clients and our repairer partners, consider their privacy and data protection as a critical part of the customer experience.

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Vizion Standard Definitions

We have defined 3 key stages of compliance accreditation, with a view that during the remediation journey, every repairer will achieve the Platinum Standard.

Exceptional understanding and maturity of GDPR and Cyber Security

Our Standard

Demonstrates a mature approach to GDPR and improvement in Cyber Security

Our Standard

Achieved a high level of understanding, GDPR and Cyber requires maturity

Our Standard
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