Chipping your windscreen is easy to do and happens all too often, especially on high mileage vehicles.

Chips can be caused by loose chippings and stones thrown up from the road surface, you do not have to be travelling at speed on the motorway to get them.

A chip, if left, will only ever get worse. If you have a small chip get it checked by one of our Repair Centres. Hot and cold weather and vehicle movement will eventually cause the chip to crack, repairing the chip is a fraction of the price of replacing the windscreen. If it is repairable we will arrange a repair usually falling below your insurance excess.

After checking your screen we will advise you on the best and safest way to proceed, whether this be repair or replacement, depending on severity and placement of the chip.

Vizion Repair Centres will always aim to carry out our high quality repairs as quickly and efficiently as possible. A repair would always be our first choice, providing that quality and safety is maintained. If the crack in your windscreen is too severe or your windscreen is already broken, we will carry out a windscreen replacement utilising the very highest quality materials.

So whether you require a replacement front windscreen, rear or side window, Vizion can help. No matter the type of vehicle, our repairers have the experience and knowledge to have your windscreen repaired in no time.