Wheel Alignment

Correct wheel alignment ensures optimum manoeuvrability and better control on the road.

  • Does your car feel unstable?
  • Are you experiencing tyre wear?
  • Is your fuel consumption rising?
  • Have you hit a pot hole recently?

Your wheels may very well be out of alignment, a common problem with the road network being in such poor condition. All Vizion repairers are able to undertake a full wheel alignment, either as part of the accident damage repair process or as a stand-alone service.

Unlike specialist 'drive-in' centres, Vizion repairers will not try to sell you additional products – tyres, brakes, etc. They will, of course, advise if the misalignment has caused damage to your tyres, and will offer you a very competitive price for any replacements if required.

Vizion repairer members offer a wheel alignment service all year round.