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Plug into the future with customised, turnkey electric vehicle charging.

Vizion PowerDrive provides solutions for our members to install and manage plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) charging stations at their repair centres.

There is an immediate need for more charging and better charging infrastructure to facilitate consumer confidence in making the switch to electric vehicles. Vizions PowerDrive provides customised, turnkey electric vehicle charging infrastructures for repairers of all sizes, across the UK. Helping to simplify electric vehicle charging, PowerDrive offers a full range of services and solutions that speed up a repairer's move to zero emission motoring and reduce the total cost of ownership of electric vehicles either as part of their courtesy car fleet, employees or simply to provide charging for customers.

Our suppliers have over ten years' experience and knowledge of e-mobility and the technology behind it. What's more, we have direct access to global framework agreements with accredited OEM hardware manufacturers, and work with an approved network of installation and software providers offering cutting-edge solutions that future-proof your business.

Introducing the Vizion Green Earth Initiative

A clearer Vizion of a sustainable future.

There are some big things we can do to help the environment, but equally every action, no matter how small, can add up to make a huge difference.

Vizion, alongside our insurer and manufacturer clients, and with the help of you and our repairer partners, are collaborating to provide customer choice. We are looking at innovative new ways of doing business that are cleaner and kinder to the environment.

Find out more.

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Exclusive courtesy car solutions

Vizion have created 'Drive'. A courtesy car program providing Vizion members with exclusive solutions to manage their courtesy car fleets.

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Our current available stock vehicles

Whether you are looking to update or increase your fleet of courtesy cars, take a look at our offers or contact us with your requirements.

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Electric vehicle charging stations

The Drive team are here to help. Before, during and after your purchase with your courtesy car fleet and special requirements.


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