A cloud based risk management tool used to distribute assessments and effectively manage the responses submitted.

The assessments take place using an online web portal and have been designed to be user friendly and take as little time to complete as possible.

What is this information used for?
The information submitted in each assessment populates a GDPR Readiness Risk Register specific to you as an organisation. Details of associated risks can be discussed between you and Vizion all within the portal and managed accordingly.

What is the objective of this process?
The aim of this process is to provide Vizion with visibility of potential areas of risk which could detrimentally impact both parties. Vizion may like to work with you to establish remediation steps where insufficient responses have been provided, which will strengthen both of our positions in the market.

Can we collaborate on our responses?
Yes. We appreciate that the responses to this type of assessment may span across various teams/areas within your business. Additional users can be invited to contribute to the assessment by contacting [email protected] and providing the names and email addresses of the representatives.

My Surveys
This area within the portal displays all assessments which require completion by you as a Vizion approved repairer. Each assessment will detail an expected date for completion and can be opened by selecting the assessment name. All questions require an answer before an assessment can be submitted for review. It is worth noting that each answer is saved within the portal as it is completed, so there is no need to answer all questions in one sitting. There is also a 'Notes & Attachments' field within each question for any additional information that you would like to provide. Some questions may also require mandatory evidence in the form of uploads before the assessment can be finally submitted.

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