The Vizion Team are doing everything possible to help the network, our customers and the country get through Covid-19.

To make the best decisions we need to have the best information and understand your current position, your thoughts and the plans you have for the weeks to come.

If we fail to understand your position we will be unable to plan accurately and this could hurt your business. If you could please take 5 minutes to complete this survey you will be helping the Vizion team to help you, your team, our mutual customers and Vizion.

Thanks in advance

Chris McKie

Email Address
Company Name
Company Address
Telephone No.
Your Mobile

Your Bodyshop

Are you open for repairs?
If 'No' do you have a date to reopen?
If 'Yes' Are you considering suspending operations?
Do you have a date in mind?
If you have to suspend operations how long do you think this will be for (in weeks please)?
What are the main factors for you to consider in staff levels and staying open?
If you are closed or were to close, how many days would it take you to reopen? (in days)


What % of your usual capacity are you operating at?
What is your normal weekly capacity based on average number of repairs?
Do you currently have spare capacity based on available resources?
What is your current spare weekly capacity based on underutilisation if applicable?
What is your current total weekly capacity?


Would suspending your operations make it financially easier or harder going forward?
Have you applied for any government loans?
If 'Yes' was it successful?
Do you need any information on loans?

Your Employees

Number of production employees?
How many production staff do you have on furlough?
How many staff do you have on furlough in total?
Do you need any help with furlough?
If 'Yes' Would you like us to contact you regarding furlough?
If 'Yes' what has brought you to this conclusion?

and finally

Based on all factors, if you had a free choice would you suspend operations?
If 'Yes' what has brought you to this conclusion?
Have you found the information from Vizion up to now helpful?
If 'Yes', can you please describe in your own words why?

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