We are continuing to monitor the commercial stresses resulting from the Covid-19 situation and are exploring a number actions to help counter these effects.

The immediate situation has been a great concern for us all but so far working together we have managed to balance some of the risks and also the impact.

We are not out of the woods yet though and we must be ready and synchronised for the next phases, the ending of the lock down period.

Due to a number of elements, start date of release, phases of release and claims frequencies to name but three, it is critical we maintain a high state of readiness and collaboration.

Not only this but it is at least equally critical that we continue to work together to better understand the ongoing needs and devise adequate countermeasures. Countermeasures must do several things, but the key basics are to optimise your position so that we can help you can get back to work in measured and effective ways.

Accurate predictive analytics to forecast the approximate volumes of claims going forward so that your staffing levels can be matched to workload, maximising furlough is just one area of focus.

Process efficiencies, removing unnecessary tasks, cost where possible to reduce admin burden and enhanced payment efficiencies to increase cash flow are also areas of enhanced development.

In order to for us to continue to approach this tactically and focus our efforts in the most effective areas it's important that we understand your position. There will only be so much we can do and so much we can negotiate so its critical that we optimise the effect of any and all actions and changes.

If you could spare me a few minutes to share your thoughts, these answers will help me greatly over the coming days and weeks and during ongoing planning phases.

Take care, stay safe and thanks in advance

Chris McKie

Post Lockdown Survey

Email Address
Company Name
Company Address
Telephone No.
Are you open for repairs?
If not, do you have a date in mind to reopen?
What is this date?
Total Number of Staff, normally
Total Number of Staff on Furlough
As claims increase, how many days does it take to bring staff back to work?
Do you have any comments regarding this?
What % of your normal volume are you able to operate at currently?
What % of this revised capacity is currently spare?
% of normal average turnover or budget achieved in March £'s
% of normal average turnover or budget achieved in April £'s
What do you think % of normal turnover or budget could be in May £'s
Do you have any comments regarding this?
How many vehicles are you repairing a month as a % of your normal average?
Is the removal/reduction of the parts discount helping your cash flow?
Any comments regarding removal/reduction of estimate parts discount and helping your cash flow?
Given a choice would you prefer to continue the removal/reduction of parts discount or have a £150 Covid payment in zone 99 for example?

Any comments regarding this choice?
Given the choice would you prefer a % of the invoice paid in advance or full payment of the total invoice within 3 days of being presented?

Any comments regarding this choice?
Given a choice would you want to try different methods of estimating if there was no commercial disadvantage?
Any comments regarding this choice?
Relative to your normal position how would you describe your current cash flow?
Is your cash flow stable or worsening?
Any comments regarding your cashflow?
If 80% of normal claims volumes resumed in June/July, would you have sufficient cash flow to carry out available work with fast payment in place?
If NO, What % of this could you manage?
Any comments regarding your thoughts or expectations around claims volumes in June/July?
Do you currently use any form of invoice factoring services?

We are looking at additional fast turnaround earning capacity for you:

Are you aware of Waypoint and how it can help you add retail quotes to customers?
Are you interested in us promoting you for servicing and exhaust fitting?
Do you have any comments regarding promotions?

We believe that there will be a large requirement for new batteries and maybe also tyres post lock down. Vehicles that have been parked up may need batteries at collection or before return and after repairs.

Would you want to participate in a tyre selling initiative?
Would you want to participate in a battery selling and fitting service?
Do you have any comments regarding these initiatives?

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