Updated 22 March 2020

Emergency staff with accident damaged vehicles, such as doctors, nurses, paramedics and other emergency and support staff will be given priority treatment.

Supported by the NHS and our insurer clients, our national account managers are working on processes to identify and deploy NHS staff vehicles in to a 'priority' swim lane from first notification.

As we embark on our challenge to beat Coronavirus, we want to ensure NHS staff are kept mobile and are inconvenienced as little as possible, they have enough to deal with. We can all play a part in supporting these fantastic people who show awe-inspiring dedication, putting themselves at risk every day to save lives under the most difficult of circumstances.

Naturally, we will do our best to serve all our customers in a timely manner, but we are sure they will understand if NHS staff jump the queue.

Processes are in place to start this service across the UK now, individual repairers have been contacting us offering to help in their local areas which has been fantastic to hear. This process will provide a consistent method for them and all of us to contribute and do our bit.

We will continue to update these processes in conjunction with our clients, the wider industry and with advice from the NHS team.

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