even heroes need help

There are now critical shortages of PPE and the amazing people dealing with Corona on the front lines both in and out of hospitals are being put at risk, also increasing the risk of Corona being passed on.

This is a very real and extremely urgent situation, anything we can do here makes a difference, we have an obligation not to try but to succeed and the lives we save may be our own. Please use the Repairer Pledge button in the menu below to donate or sell PPE stocks.

There are so many of you doing amazing things already, fast tracking nurses vehicles, discounting excesses for NHS and other essential workers and in some cases doing repairers for nothing.

Donating courtesy cars to hospitals and care workers, cleaning ambulances at the end of shifts and some of the larger entities are even building ventilators such as Ford and Mercedes.

I also know some of you are donating PPE locally which is amazing but we really do need to get a big push in this area now.

We have created an area that will enable you to pledge and donate vital PPE including gloves, masks, face visors, overalls, aprons, seat covers, steering wheel and gear covers etc.

We know that some of you will be short on these items as well but please check and plan, what do you really need, one mask, one box of gloves makes a difference.


There is also approximately 40% of UK repairers on reduced capacity, working on essential vehicles only or are entirely closed at the moment. If you are in this segment and have stocks not being used or in buildings that are not operational at all, please consider if you can spare some of this stock.

Dealerships & Groups

To main dealers or anyone with substantial stock levels who cannot afford to give this away, that's absolutely fine, partners working with the NHS will purchase this from you just tell us where it is.

Delivery, Distribution and support

We have partnered with LKQ, Morelli, Cunbar and Carlac to help with this project, all of whom will be adding expert information to this area to show you alternative products and how to reduce use to free up more supply.

There will also be the ability as we move forward to direct purchase stock from the distributors and donate this directly to the NHS front lines and support teams.

Finally, don't worry about having to post or get couriers organised for donations, after speaking to Andy Smith, UK Managing Director for LKQ, he has kindly volunteered his distribution fleet to collect all donations.

This is fantastically helpful and I would like to extend my personal thanks and also the thanks of the Vizion board to Andy and his team for his very generous offer and ongoing assistance.

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