Keeping you moving

We're all having to make big changes to our everyday lives as the UK copes with the coronavirus situation.

We remain operational to support our key workers during this national crisis. Whether that's garages helping keep them on the road, or the emergency services and roadside assistance services directly, our teams have been working tirelessly to support them.

But obviously ordinary levels of demand, particularly at our branches are now much lower and parts of our business are operating under capacity.

As a result, some of our branch network will temporarily close with orders and drivers rerouted to a nearby outlet – the majority in the same town, or no more than a few miles apart.

These branches will be prioritising servicing blue light services, roadside recovery patrols and government agencies

In the meantime, you can make the most of our website to order parts direct this will assist our safety plans by keeping branches for key workers only and minimising footfall into our buildings.

Please bear in mind that online demand has increased so much that we, much like many supermarkets, are having to rapidly scale-up our capacity in this area. I know that some of you have experienced delays for which we are sorry. Thank you for your continued patience and rest assured that we're working hard behind the scenes to speed things up.

We continue to work with all our teams to ensure every recommended precautionary measure is being taken to help prevent the risk of exposure. This includes regular cleaning of our vans, branches and retail spaces, wearing latex gloves to serve customers, handle cash and while on delivery routes, and making hand gels and soaps available to all our teams with regular handwashing and cleansing taking place in line with government guidelines.

We're working closely with our suppliers to ensure we can maintain good availability across the market's biggest range of products and the country's largest branch network.

As with every business, we are continuing to monitor the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the UK and are adapting quickly as the situation evolves.

To support our key workers even further, we are happy to collect any donations of unused PPE from your workshop/Bodyshop. If you'd like to donate please contact:

  • Chris Roe South East Customers 07814 650172
  • Deboragh Greenwood South West (including Midlands) Customers 07771 602781
  • Gareth Smith Northern Customers 07970 178236

Finally, I'd like to add a special note of thanks to our teams. You are doing a fantastic job out there keeping Britain moving and I can't express enough just how much I appreciate your efforts during these most challenging of times. Also, I would like to thank Chris and the Vizion Team for making this happen.


Andy Smith
Managing Director

07815 491077

[email protected]

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