During these difficult and unprecedented times Cunbar Paints are fully supporting the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) collections and redelivery initiative to help key workers and to support our NHS where we can.

If you require a regional collection please contact the nearest branch to you from the list below and we will be happy to assist.

Branch Contact details

Oldham telephone 0161 633 4244

Wirral telephone 0151 608 0483

Derby telephone 01283 734645

All the above can be contacted from 9am to 5 pm.

Our branches are still open to supply, although operating at a very reduced level with safe protected working/delivery and collection protocols.

All collections will be contactless. We can discuss how this will work when you call to arrange collections.

Many products are out of stock and not returning as they are being diverted to help the NHS frontline, but so far we have managed to accommodate all PPE requests to assist the NHS and supply private care companies who all need protection.

Thank you to Vizion for including Cunbar Paints in this unique industry solution to support our beloved NHS and all the amazing heroic care providers.more details here

Here are some tips to reduce usage and help our NHS.

Please feel free to email any suggestions you may have and we will include in the list.

  1. Restrict use by placing short supply products away from the shop floor and make them request only from a senior person.
    • Avoid dispensing. All given out in this method are generally used or never returned.
    • The product list of restricted items should include, overalls, gloves, disposable masks, seat covers, steering wheel covers, visors and eye protection in general.
  2. Utilise the safety of the spray booth and an air fed mask more to stop the requirement for individual masks. This is key to help our NHS workers get what they need.
  3. For sanding operations utilise dust extraction to the maximum and a basic dust mask is sufficient (An FFP1). We have all become accustomed to using better quality masks but these will stop dust particles and are sufficient for the task. As these items are not worn constantly consider a zip lock bag to enable reuse.
  4. Utilise a welding helmet designed to provide clean air and better protection than a disposable mask. This also follows latest HSE guidance. (See attached document)
  5. Disposable overalls can be replaced with reusable white painter overalls that can be washed. These are specifically designed for painting and not to be confused with general workshop apparel.
  6. Disposable gloves are changed and discarded very frequently. If they are not ripped can we put them back on to help our NHS get what they need. Every pair saved is a bonus.
    Make sure when cleaning guns/using solvent you put on solvent resistant reusable gloves. You can put these on over your disposable ones temporarily.
    Discuss with your local distributor what other types of gloves they can get hold of for different tasks.

Most importantly do not try and order to stock pile.

Most distributors are refusing purchases over and above normal usage and are asking all customers to try and reduce usage.

We hope that these tips will help to save key products and provide additional supplies for our key workers and their protection.

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