What is your current position regarding the outbreak of coronavirus?

8.5% reduction in staff resource, including staff that have been asked to self-isolate due to vulnerability, and no confirmed cases.

What actions have been taken to keep employees safe and healthy?

High-risk vulnerable employees have been asked to self-isolate and work from home where possible. Everyone is following good hygiene practices. We are monitoring holidays, and those returning to work call first to prove they are in good health before returning.

Have there been any abnormal spikes in sickness and absence?

There has been a gradual increase in line with seasonal expectations.

What is Vizion's plan if employees are ill and cannot work?

Employees are multi-skilled and will transfer to critical functions on a temporary basis.

Can Vizion employees work from home?

Our systems are web based. We are prepared to work from home and this is part of BCP. Working from home is tried and tested and will be expanded as required.

What happens if a customer is self-isolating?

For customers that are or whose family are presenting symptoms, suppliers are asked to arrange a time to collect or deliver beyond the self-isolation period. For customers that are well and self-isolating due to vulnerability, social distancing will be applied.

What's the current position with the supply of vehicle parts and paint?

It is currently business as usual, and we're monitoring the situation daily

What impacts do you expect as a result of a rapid spread of the virus?

Travel and physical meetings will cease. We will experience a general downturn in activity. An office closure will happen if an infection is confirmed, requiring transfer of functions to our second office until the first office is decontaminated. More people will be set up to work from home. Cashflow arrangements with suppliers will be essential to keep service availability. Insurer client assistance required.

Does Vizion have a plan if the situation escalates?

See Business Continuity on next page. There is a managed move to home working. All areas have been considered and are adequate at this time.

Have any employees or key suppliers been infected by the virus?

Repairers are asked to notify us immediately if confirmed. None at time of writing.

When can clients expect to know more about potential impacts?

We intend to update employees, suppliers and clients in detail on a weekly basis, and release a daily summary to catch any immediate issues.

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