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At Vizion Network we are dedicated to ensuring the good health and safety of our staff, customers and clients we serve. Our hearts go out to all those impacted by COVID-19.

Currently, our repairers across the UK are fully operational and remain open. However, with the ongoing Coronavirus developments, we will continue to evaluate the situation and if any repairers are self-isolating we will let you know. In the meantime Vizion will take every precaution not to send them more repairs until normal service is resumed.

We understand the inconvenience the damage to your vehicle may cause. We would ask you to work with us to agree a mutually agreeable repair date, allowing for vehicle mobility, the extent of the damage and the need for a courtesy car. With customers and repairers having to self-isolate the availability of courtesy cars may be affected and we hope you will understand that we will need to prioritise the issue of courtesy cars and repairs for those customers who are NHS staff and those who's vehicle is immobile and unsafe to drive.

If you are following government public health advice and working from home you may wish to consider whether you can manage to have vehicle repairs completed without the need for a courtesy car. Where available, we will come to you and pick-up and drop off your vehicle to minimise social interaction and keeping you and our repairer network safe.

Currently, the parts and materials required for repair are generally available, but with more and more countries imposing restrictions on movement and access to a working environment, we may experience some delays in the coming weeks. Neither Vizion or our repairers know what is around the corner in terms of parts availability, but we hope that by supporting each other through this temporary crisis we will be able to agree a suitable resolution for all.

We thank you all for your patience and sincerely hope our customers and clients, no one, is affected by this virus.

When we reduce our day-to-day contact with other people, we will reduce the spread of the infection.

That is why the government is now (23 March 2020) introducing three new measures.

  1. Requiring people to stay at home, except for very limited purposes

  2. Closing non-essential shops and community spaces

  3. Stopping all gatherings of more than two people in public

Every citizen must comply with these new measures. The relevant authorities, including the police, will be given the powers to enforce them – including through fines and dispersing gatherings.

These measures are effective immediately. The Government will look again at these measures in three weeks, and relax them if the evidence shows this is possible.

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