Technical Expert

Wellingborough £30,000 - £35,000 DOE

38.5 hours per week


Job Description/Responsibilities This is an office-based Role, which will involve acting as an expert focal point on vehicle construction and repair.

As the technical expert, you will assist in the resolution of complaint escalation handling for cases of a technical repair nature. Providing full investigations and liaising with repairers, engineers and customers. Giving advice, recommendations, and resolutions to closure to the Customer Liaison Team.

Assist in the training and develop of the technical skills and knowledge of the Customer Liaison Team.

Carry out root cause analysis on complaints regarding repair quality issues and reporting back finds to the complaint's manager.

In addition, there will be specific projects from time to time to stretch and make best use of your experience.


Concern for Accuracy is a way to produce accurate work, without error.

Customer Focus

Customer Focus is wanting and acting to meet the needs of internal and external customers.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Concern for Efficiency and Effectiveness is wanting and acting to do things in ways, which will avoid waste and maximise the value to the company.

Team Working

Team Working is working cooperatively as part of a team.

Information Security

Information Security is the protection of our customer's personal and sensitive personal data.


Flexibility is wanting and acting to try new and different approaches and ways of doing things.


Communication is the ability to speak and write in ways, which clearly state the message, and to listen carefully and understand correctly what people mean.


Self-Development is continuously seeking information to fill any gaps in one's knowledge.

Achievement drive

Achievement Drive is wanting to find a better way of doing things; a concern for working well and setting the quality of one's own work against a standard of excellence. It is having the ability to think ahead, spot problems or opportunities before they arise, and do something about them.

Planning and Organisation

Planning and Organisation is planning and organising time and resources so that work is completed effectively.

Developing others

Developing Others is improving the skills and capabilities of other people.

Results Orientation

Results Orientation is a focus on the required end result and a determination to achieve that result.

Team Management

Team Management is delivering consistent quality through planning and organising work and ensuring that the team is motivated, developed and working productively.

Technical Expertise

Technical Expertise is having a high level of skill and knowledge in own subject area and applying it to new situations. It is about understanding the technical aspects of related areas and developing both breadth and depth of technical knowledge.

Influence and Impact

Influence and Impact is the ability to speak up, to persuade or influence others, without being intimidated. It is not just about "getting around"

people by being pleasant: it is about being firm and standing up to them if necessary.

Relationship Building

Relationship Building is working to build or maintain constructive and positive relationships or networks of contracts with people who are useful in achieving work related goals.

Thinking and Judgement

Thinking and Judgement is the ability to think logically and clearly, in an ordered sequence, and to weigh up facts to reach sensible conclusions.

Closing date for applications: 5pm on Thursday 31st December 2020

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