Every time a customer makes contact with Vizion, or Vizion makes contact with them, members and staff should apply the following principles.

In general Vizion members will:

  • Be polite, courteous and respectful to all Vizion customers.
  • Treat Vizion customers according to their needs.
  • Listen and do their best to help customers.
  • Aim to get queries right first time.
  • Not accept abusive or aggressive behaviour towards staff.

In Vizion bodyshops we will:

  • Display our Repair Centres opening times outside all Repair Centres.
  • Have staff that are helpful and knowledgeable to advise customers.
  • Make sure that our Repair Centres are welcoming.

On the telephone Vizion members will:

  • Answer the telephone within 5 rings.
  • Be polite and courteous.
  • Respond to telephone messages within 2 hours.
  • Give our names when we answer the telephone.
  • Take messages for colleagues who are not in.
  • Provide customers with timely updates.

When responding to correspondence Vizion members will:

  • Acknowledge letters within 5 working days.
  • Aim to resolve complaints within 10 working days or explain why we cannot do this.
  • Follow up suggestions and use them where we can.
  • Monitor complaints and learn from our mistakes.

When customers book an appointment Vizion members will:

  • Make an appointment for you when you request one.
  • Aim to make appointments at times that suit you.
  • Tell customers as early as possible if we cannot keep an appointment.
  • Arrange for a home visit if customers request one.

When customers come to a Vizion Repair Centre we will:

  • Aim to see customers within 5 minutes if they have an appointment.
  • Aim to see customers within 15 minutes if they do not have an appointment.

When Vizion repairers visit customers at home we will:

  • Be on time, or if we are running late telephone to let them know.
  • Show identification on arrival.

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