Vizion are extremely proud of gaining both industry and repairer recognition, and is a true testament to our brand and the people who have contributed to make us what we are today.

Chris McKie, the Managing Director says "We're not in it for the awards."

And he's not wrong! Without sounding cliched or false, we genuinely aren't doing this for the awards. All our teams and employees have been built on the values of quality service that achieves fantastic results for our repairers and clients. We take pride in our work and in the difference we make to the many partners we work with.

With that said, we are very proud and humbled when what we do is recognised in the form of awards. Since we started our journey 10 years ago, we've recognised that we move in a very fast moving industry and that our customers can struggle to identify the truly great repairer network from the 'good' or 'mediocre' – and awards are a useful way to do this.

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